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Re: Redboot customization for DOCMP?

      My embedded device is based on Intel's xscale
PXA255 processor(ARM compatible). I want to have my
firmware, linux OS and filesystem in diskonchip
millennium plus.
      I planeed as follows. Write a IPL code to bring
the SPL(Redboot) into SDRAM and give it control.
Redboot shall brng the OS into SDRAm and give it
      Seeing the patch i stood that it is for x86
systems, with int 19h handler we can load the SPL...
      I dont know how to do with arm? Does redboot
knows how to bring the OS from diskonchip millennium
plus into sdram or should I provide support for it?
Can u correct me if I have a wrong idea somewhare and
make me proceed in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


 --- Iztok Zupet <> wrote: > On Tue,
2004-02-24 at 21:17, Jonathan Larmour wrote:
> > I would have pointed you at the patches on Iztok's
> site at 
> > but the page has
> gone AWOL. Iztok, has it 
> > moved?
> No it has not moved. Only the server is a new one
> (I've put it up ower
> the weekend). Ecos pages are not there, Yet (the
> docs inthere have grown
> too old...).
> Because the VSR has moved away from us and we are
> founding a new company
> instead of it now, I thougt i'd put my ecos pathes
> somwhere into the
> domain, so that would definitly change the
> address.
> Jifl, I think now that all the docs are up to date
> on the official ecos
> site, we don't need to put up the docs at
> any longer.
> Anyhow I'll put up the patches now and send you a
> notice ant the url
> when I finish.
> PS.
> If You're thinking of my DiskOnChip Redboot patch, I
> think it might be
> out of date, because Nick boot via Grub, and the
> patch would have to be
> carefully aplied by hand...
> Iztok
> -- 
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