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Re: Re: Redboot customization for DOCMP?

Hello, Deya,

======= At 2004-02-25, 03:28:00 you wrote: =======

>      My embedded device is based on Intel's xscale
>PXA255 processor(ARM compatible). I want to have my
>firmware, linux OS and filesystem in diskonchip
>millennium plus.

Does your platform have Bootrom or Flash chip? If it has, then you can just port the Redboot for your platform. Since Intel XSCALE PXA255 is VERY WELL supported by eCos/Redboot, you will do very very little to bring Redboot run on the Flash. Then, you can do the DiskonChip driver, read the os file from diskonchip to SDRAM. At last, bring control to os.

For the Disk on chip's driver, you can port the disk driver currently available in eCos's dev and io packages.
>      I planeed as follows. Write a IPL code to bring
>the SPL(Redboot) into SDRAM and give it control.
>Redboot shall brng the OS into SDRAm and give it
>      Seeing the patch i stood that it is for x86
>systems, with int 19h handler we can load the SPL...

If you want to directly load Redboot from the disk on chip, I think it's a bit much work to do. You have to deal disk on chip through direct port io, not int 19 since the ARM architecture does not have this feature . That's service provided by PC's bios.

>      I dont know how to do with arm? Does redboot
>knows how to bring the OS from diskonchip millennium
>plus into sdram or should I provide support for it?
>Can u correct me if I have a wrong idea somewhare and
>make me proceed in the right direction?
>Thanks in advance.
> --- Iztok Zupet <> wrote: > On Tue,
>2004-02-24 at 21:17, Jonathan Larmour wrote:
>> > I would have pointed you at the patches on Iztok's
>> site at 
>> > but the page has
>> gone AWOL. Iztok, has it 
>> > moved?
>> No it has not moved. Only the server is a new one
>> (I've put it up ower
>> the weekend). Ecos pages are not there, Yet (the
>> docs inthere have grown
>> too old...).
>> Because the VSR has moved away from us and we are
>> founding a new company
>> instead of it now, I thougt i'd put my ecos pathes
>> somwhere into the
>> domain, so that would definitly change the
>> address.
>> Jifl, I think now that all the docs are up to date
>> on the official ecos
>> site, we don't need to put up the docs at
>> any longer.
>> Anyhow I'll put up the patches now and send you a
>> notice ant the url
>> when I finish.
>> PS.
>> If You're thinking of my DiskOnChip Redboot patch, I
>> think it might be
>> out of date, because Nick boot via Grub, and the
>> patch would have to be
>> carefully aplied by hand...
>> Iztok
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Best regards.				 
James Jiao

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