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Problem in adapting SH3 77x9SE01 ecos code for SH37729RSE01 .


I am try to adapting SH3 77x9SE01 ecos code for SH37729RSE01 board,i had modified following things of making compactable eCos SH77x9SE01 platform code for SH7729RSE01 board.
1) Modified in cygwin\opt\ecos\ecos-2.0\packages\hal\sh\se77x9\v2_0\cdl\hal_sh_sh77x9_se77x9.cdl
        Change 1  :  cdl_option CYGNUM_HAL_SH_OOC_XTAL_DEFAUL 
                                       From   33333300 to 66666600
       Change 2 :  cdl_option CYGHWR_HAL_SH_OOC_XTAL
                                      leagal_value form   :   8000000 to  33333300
                                                            to      : 50000000 to 66666600  
2) Modification in  cygwin\opt\ecos\ecos-2.0\packages\hal\sh\se77x9\v2_0\include\
	// Change for SE7729r 
	//.word   CYGARC_REG_WTCSR, 0xA502
	.word   CYGARC_REG_WTCSR, 0xA504
                .word   CYGARC_REG_WTCNT, 0x5A00
	# Settings from Hitachi docs for SE7709A
                #ifdef CYGNUM_HAL_SH_SE77X9_SDRAM_SETUP
	.word   CYGARC_REG_BCR1,  0x0008
	.word   CYGARC_REG_BCR1,  0x0810
                .word   CYGARC_REG_BCR2,  0x2ef0
                .word   CYGARC_REG_BCR3,  0x0000
                .word   CYGARC_REG_WCR1,  0x0c30
                #ifdef CYGNUM_HAL_SH_SE77X9_SDRAM_SETUP
	// Change for SE7729r
	//.word   CYGARC_REG_WCR2,  0x7ddb
	.word   CYGARC_REG_WCR2,  0xBFDD
                .word   CYGARC_REG_MCR,   0x002c
               .word   CYGARC_REG_WCR2,  0x5d5a
               .word   CYGARC_REG_MCR,   0x0055
3) Modification in  cygwin\opt\ecos\ecos-2.0\packages\devs\flash\sh\se77x9\v2_0\src\sh_se77x9_flash.c
               In plf_flash_init()
                      change   from    :  flash_data_t id[2] ; 
                                     to       :   flash_data_t id[4] ;                                
4) Modification in   cygwin\opt\ecos\ecos-2.0\packages\hal\sh\sh3\v2_0\include\mod_regs_cpg.h
                      For the V3 (last) group of conditional compilation statements,
                       Following the statement #elif (CYGHWR_HAL_SH_OOC_DIVIDER_2 == 6)
                                                             Change from : # define CYGARC_REG_FRQCR_INIT_DIVIDER2 0x2002
                                                                           to   : # define CYGARC_REG_FRQCR_INIT_DIVIDER2 0x2001
5) After making these modifications, generate a project for the 7729SE01. And change the Oscillator related setting in Configuration tool, under
          " Hitachi \SH77x9 SE77x9board" -> "SH on-chip platform clock controls" 
            Change the " SH clock PLL circuit 1 " value to 3 and the :SH clock divider 2 " value to 6 "

 But even after these modification in am not able to get the RedBoot prompt on my console, I am using serial port for communication with target.
Please help me to come out of this problem .

Prabhat Shrivastav

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