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eCos on 80186?

Hi all,

I've seen a couple of messages in the archives about
people wanting to run eCos on a 16-bit Intel
80186-based processor, but they weren't very recent. 
Do any of you know of any efforts to get this to work?
 Our company is very interested in doing this, but we
don't have the resources and know-how to pull it off
in a reasonable timeline.

I've seen that eCos relies heavily on gcc, which is
strictly a 32-bit compiler.  The options were to
either port gcc to 16-bit or to port eCos to a
different 16-bit compiler.  Could any experts out
there give a ballpark estimate of what it would take
to get either of these done?  Are there other easier

I'm guessing that porting eCos to a different compiler
would be the easier route - any open-source 16-bit
compilers out there that you recommend?

Thanks, Dave.

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