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Cygwin startup problem with

This may be a Cygwin issue, but since it's happening with,
someone here must have the obvious answer. is supposed to set ECOS_REPOSITORY and prepend a couple things to
PATH. It doesn't when I run it from my .bash_profile script. Even if I
manually run it with "/opt/ecos3/" (ecos3 is where I put the new
version), the variables don't get set. If I add "echo $PATH" to the end of, I see the path is properly set, but returning from to
the prompt seems to undo it, as though running the script starts a new bash
process instead of running the script in the existing process.

I'm not a Cygwin, Linux or bash expert, but the fact that eCos comes with an script implies that it is expected that setting these variables
is supposed to survive the termination of the script, or it would be pretty

Anyone have a clue? The only way I can get over this hump is to put these
variables into the Windows environment so that they're already set up when
rxvt starts bash. But I'm afraid that this will bite me somewhere else down
the road if I don't fix it properly.


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco

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