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Confusing compilation problem

Hello all
I am trying to evaluate the best way for me to use ecos for my project - to
use the configtool or command line interface.
So I 
1.created an ecos build using from command line using the default template.
2.executed the make command to build ecos
3.created a testbed directory and created a hello world application
4.compiled and linked successfully
Next I
1 created an ecos build using the configuration tool
2 created a test bed directory and created a hello world application
3 this does not compile and gives the following errors -
test.cpp: In function âint main()â:
test.cpp:6: error: âprintfâ was not declared in this scope

Both use the same makefile and make.params files(atached) - the only changes
were to point to the correct install directory.
If I point the configtool version at the commandline version install tree it
will compile

Could some one explain why this is?

configtool_Make.params configtool_Makefile cli_Make.params cli_Makefile 

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