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Re: arm-eabi -> Interrupt vector not free


This error raises before ecos calls cyg_user_start. So it's in the ecos startup. Earlier I spent days to get my gdb working (OpenOCD, cygwin, windows, Atmel AT91 SAM7A3). With the tools shipped with ecos it did not work, but with yagarto's toolchain it did, but I'm not able to compile ecos with it, because configtool uses cygwin style path, and yagarto uses windows style pathes.
An eabi has this error :) I will give a try with arm-eabi-gdb. If it did not work, I would be in a hard situation :)

Thank you!
Gergely Szentirmai

Sergei Gavrikov írta:
On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 11:03:10PM +0200, Szentirmai Gergely wrote:

Previously I used arm-elf-gcc, but any time I try to get arm-eabi alive I get this this message imidiately after reset:

<1>intr.cxx[506]void Cyg_Interrupt::attach() Interrupt vector not free.
ASSERT FAIL: <1>intr.cxx [ 506] void Cyg_Interrupt::attach()

Interrupt vector not free.

First, what is your target (platform) and which interrrupt number is?

There is no message like this when I compile things with elf (two changes, command prefix= arm-elf-gcc, and Build for eabi = false (it is done automatically)). The ecos config, and sources are the same. There is only one main.c, which would send hello world to the diag port. (works perfectly with elf). Nothing to do with interrupts.

Can you set a breakpoint on cyg_assert_fail() and cyg_interrupt_attach() to know a bit more about issue? What is that vector? UART, RTC? The assertion's report will tell you about.

This message was discussed here:

But my ecos source (latest from CVS) behaves like this.

Any ideas? Maybe this magic build for eabi switch does something wrong?

It's not enough an information to get it.


Gergely Szentirmai

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