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"Plug-and-play" networking in eCos


I wish to add basic "plug-and-play" networking to an eCos device. It should be a fairly standard task in network-enabled embedded devices. All users would like to hook their stuff to a network and access the UI by typing "mydevice" into a browser.

To accomplish this, two things are needed:
- automatic assignment of link-local IP addresses and
- decentralized name resolution.

Both problems were solved a long time ago.

RFC3927 "Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses" describes how to auto-allocate an IP from the 169.254/16 range. MacOS 8 and Windows 98 did that 10 years ago.

The ancient NetBIOS protocol specifies how a host auto-assigns a name and resolves name queries into it's own IP. Newer solutions have emerged these days (zeroconf's mDNS) but it is not implemented in older systems (such as WinXP).

This stuff is old and common, but I can't seem to find implementations for eCos. Do you know of any?

Kind regards,
Tarmo Kuuse

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