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Re: thread_create stack base=NULL or size=0?

On 2009-04-15, Nick Garnett <> wrote:
>  Grant Edwards <> writes:
>> Can somebody explain the behavior of cyg_thread_create when the
>> stack-base is NULL or when a stack-size is 0?
> In the original design it was intended that there be an option
> to allow the kernel to malloc all data structures, including
> thread stacks (which may have had a default size, selected by
> zero). This is why the object structure is passed in as the
> last argument, and we return a "handle", which is just a copy
> of the structure address.
> Ultimately we decided not to do that and make the user supply
> all memory. However, the API features for this remained, and
> comments were left in the code.

Thanks.  Now I don't feel so bad about not being able to figure
out how that feature was implemented in the C++ source code.

[Though I should know by now not to pay much attention to comments.]

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