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Re: Re: "Plug-and-play" networking in eCos

Grant Edwards wrote:
> On 2009-04-22, Tarmo Kuuse <> wrote:
>> Tarmo Kuuse wrote:
>>> I wish to add basic "plug-and-play" networking to an eCos device. It 
>>> should be a fairly standard task in network-enabled embedded devices. 
>>> All users would like to hook their stuff to a network and access the UI 
>>> by typing "mydevice" into a browser.
>> No replies. Apparently plug-and-play is not hip with eCos
>> developers :)
> No, I just have no idea what "plug-and-play networking" means
> in this context.
> To me, "plug-and-play" refers to a mostly-broken scheme to
> auto-detect ISA cards in old-school PCs and configure their IO
> addresses and IRQ usage automagically.  IIRC, it didn't work.

The PnP TLA has subsequently been overloaded and extended to give UPnP,
which is what I think the original question was about.  See:

I agree with the OP that it would be a useful addition to eCos to
include support for device-side UPnP, since this is now a pretty
standard feature on networked consumer gadgets.


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