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Re: where's the printf output?

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Jeffrey Krasky writes:
> I have a Windows XP machine with an Intel processor and I am running  
> cygwin.
> All I really want to do is make a hello world program and then try the  
> timer/alarm program.
> I have been reading from here:

There is talk about that you need either a real target (in an example
that's some abstract ARM evolution board) or the synthetic linux target
which can "emulate" the real one on the _linux_ hosts only.

> If there is some place else I should be getting my examples from, please  
> let me know.
> Again, all I really wish to do is make some C programs and test the  
> real-timeness of eCos.

Hence two ways are exists. Either to have a real target (=board) which
is supported by eCos or install Linux. If you are advanced user and
familiar with Linux and GNU you can install some kind of Virtual Machine
and eCos for Linux on the guest OS (Linux) to play with it having no
real hardware. But, this is an off-topic for the discuss-list, however,
you can find the answers in the list's history.


> On Mon, 27 Apr 2009, Sergei Gavrikov wrote:
>> It's seems I missed something. Is your host Cygwin? That snippet was for
>> Linux synthetic target. If it is Cygwin I am not sure that you can
>> gdebug the eCos applicatins are built for Linux synthetic target. What
>> is your host? What is your target? How had you  built that `hello'
>> program? If your target is not a PC-like board... Read a bit here

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