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PPS and GPRS modem

I'm writing an application that needs to send information through PPP
using a GPRS Modem. The CHAT sequence passes ok, but the negotiation
phase with the server fails. I enabled some debuggers and I can see
the following information:

ppp0: no compressor for [15 3 29], 3
ppp0: no compressor for [1a 4 8], 4
ppp0: no compressor for [18 4 8], 4

Apart from the above debuggers there are other lines printed like:

ppp0: bad fcs cca9, pkt len 28
ppp0: bad fcs 5ce6, pkt len 16

The result is that ppp doesn't come up, so I don't know if it's a
matter of modem compression (ecos does not support modem compression),
or a problem with the server.. Anyway, I programmed the modem for not
using compression.

This is the init sequence that I'm sending in the chat phase:

"OK", "AT%C0",                        // No compression
"OK", "AT+CREG=1",                    // Enable network registration
unsolicited status code
"OK", "AT+CGREG=1",                   // Enable network registration
unsolicited status code.
"OK", "AT+CGATT=1",                   // Attach GPRS
"OK", "AT+CGDCONT=1,\"IP\",\"\",,0,0",         //
Defines a PDP context
"OK", "AT+CGACT=1,1",                 // Activates the session.
"OK", "ATD*99***1#",
"CONNECT", "",

Any help will be appreciated..

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