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Re: eCos on MPC8313


>> Maybe we can make the cleaning if you just remove the specifics and send
>> us the rest - we will correct the makefiles and the scripts.
> It's a bit more than that, both technically and decision wise...

I've managed to commit the first attempt of eCos port for MPC8313E_RDB
(subversion at
There are some hacks ( /hal/powerpc/arch is duplicated) and some
hardcoded things in the ethernet driver.
This is work in progress: code is a cut/paste from a project, so
things are likely to be missing,  PHY is not working and there is a
horrible hack in reset words related to this, and so on.
Wrt tools, I suggest gcc 4.4.0 and binutils 2.19.1 because they
support e300c3 core "out of the box". I had worked with patched
versions of gcc 4.3.2 and binutils 2.18 to support e300c3, I'm in the
process of switching to the latest and greatest official tools.
Any help is appreciated!

 Edgar Grimberg
 System Developer
 Zylin AS
 ZY1000 JTAG Debugger
 Phone: (+47) 51 63 25 00

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