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Re: eCos contributions and development projects

Andrew Lunn wrote:
> > Especially what the eCos community needs is good eCos wiki.  It's pity
> > that community has higly qualificated and talented developers (which
> > usual are the very busy to be the "teachers"), but has not the freelance
> > tech-writes, so, eCos wiki is just a dream for the most newcomers. The
> > main goal of the eCos wiki would be Don't give them (newcomers) a fish,
> > teach them how to fish.
> When appropriate, i try to do that. However, it is not easy. We got a
> lot of newbies to programming who try to use eCos. They don't have the
> necessary background or experience and are going to struggle/fail. For
> such people, giving them a fish means they are quiet for a while and
> so you don't have to deal with them. Then there are the more
> intelligent newcomers who do have some background, but not in
> eCos. Such users i'm more likely to give them a bent pin, a long
> stick, some string and point them towards the river.
> Often the hard bit is figuring out from minimal information if they
> have the capability to learn to fish.
>        Andrew

Andrew, well said. Two points. It seemed for me that newcomers would see
what eCos is the some specific river (lake?) there (on the wiki pages).
And they would decide for themselves before to bomb the list: Am I a
fisher? Can I become the eCos fisher? Will I can fish here at all?  

And the second. There are a lot of a bulrush is growing by the eCos
riversides, for example, How to configure this eCos (RedBoot) thing to
make a boat move by the river. How to ..., etc., etc., etc. So, it
seemed for me that it would be great to find the short explanations, the
CDL snippets, the configure tips and tricks on the eCos wiki pages,
well, in such a eCos Fisher's Club :-)

Sorry, and third. Of course, some fishers don't want to see on the
riversides loud fishers. And, perhaps, that's right, well, it is a
fishing. But, you know that the most of the newcomers come from M$ world
and if they came, why do not teach them new paradigm via wiki pages?
Should he/she wastes a time to manage any issue during days trying to
manage minicom, GDB, make fs image, etc. and bomb the list?  Why do not
read about on the wiki pages? What is eCos project then?  Is it a quite
lake or is it a live river? So, they come to the riverside, get the fish
from you and they do not know what to do with the given fish then, then
they won't be back. I do not know now, perhaps, it should be so.


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