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Re: NAND on STM32?

Ross Younger wrote:
Hi Simon,

In your mail of May 13th, you suggested that you might be happy to work on
NAND drivers for the STM32. I just wanted to ask whether you were still
planning on doing this and whether you needed any help or advice?

Well, I did not start on a driver for the STM32 as the community has not yet decided on the NAND framework to use, yours or Rutgers. I would be glad to work on a driver for the STM32 as soon as possible though.

I have a new code drop in preparation - several fixes and tweaks, and
incorporating a lot of the feedback I've received - which I am hoping to
push out (to the bugzilla ticket) within the next week.

Ok, I'll have a look at it when you release it.

But I think we (the community) should soon decide which direction to go, so we can get down to work.

On my current board, I'd rather prefer Ross's framework, as it is kept pretty lean and simple. From a design point though, I think Rutger went in a better direction, using more extensive layering. As I have not much experience with NAND flash I cannot really tell if layering will make our lives easier though.

Well, it would be great to have some input from people who have more experience with NAND flash. MTD may be a good resource, but as it's designed for systems with rather more resources it could be misleading.

Any other hints?


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