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Re: PCI wireless card

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 08:15:53AM +0200, Patrick Rittiner wrote:
> hello,
> I ve a question. Are there any drivers for an wireless card in eCos?. I 
> have a soekris 4801 board on which ecos is running. Now i need to use the 
> linksys wmp54g-eu PCI wireless card to use with it. there is a open 
> source driver for linux ( rt61 ) for this card.
> Is it a lot of work to port this one for linux? And where will be the  
> main problem when I m gona try it?
> Or do someone have an better idea?

eCos has no 802.11 protocol stack. 

The rt61 driver from RT seems to be GPL. The in kernel linux driver
will be GPL. Both would result in your entire eCos tree, including
your application becoming GPL, so you would have to make all your
source code available to your customers.

Maybe a better approach is to look at the FreeBSD 802.11 protocol
stack and drivers. That should at least avoid the license problems.
However, expect a lot of work.


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