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Re: ecos 3.0 configtool,help!


minidust wrote:

>     I can't launch ecos 3.0 configtool in cygwim environment,it printed
> nothing when invoke configtool and no GUI display, even the command
> "configtool -h". I have install wxMSW 2.8.10 manually and TCL from
> ActiveTCL.

You do not need to install wxMSW or ActiveTCL in order to run the eCos
Configuration Tool.

Check that you have the _Cygwin_ tcltk package installed (using the
Cygwin Setup program). Make sure that the Cygwin /bin directory
(typically C:\cygwin\bin) is ahead of your ActiveTCL installation in
your PATH when starting configtool.exe.

> When i launched ecos 3.0 configtool in ubuntu 9.04 AMD64,it print
> the following message
> "When loading no such file or directory".But in my
> OS is a symbolic link to
> located in "/us/lib",i don't know why.

I have not received any similar reports. This looks like a
system-specific problem. Please report back when you have resolved this
issue so that other people can benefit.

John Dallaway

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