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Re: How to send UDP broadcast to

On 2009-06-16, Andrew Lunn <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 05:41:54PM +0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> I've been asked by one of my internal customers how to send a
>> UDP broadcast packet to IP address
> Hi Grant
> If you have a debugger handy, try putting a break point here:

I don't have one handy, but it certainly looks like the right

> src/sys/netinet/in_pcb.c
> int
> in_pcbladdr(inp, nam, plocal_sin)
>         register struct inpcb *inp;
>         struct sockaddr *nam;
>         struct sockaddr_in **plocal_sin;
> {
>         struct in_ifaddr *ia;
>         register struct sockaddr_in *sin = (struct sockaddr_in *)nam;
>         if (nam->sa_len != sizeof (*sin))
>                 return (EINVAL);
>         if (sin->sin_family != AF_INET)
>                 return (EAFNOSUPPORT);
>         if (sin->sin_port == 0)
>                 return (EADDRNOTAVAIL);
>         if (!TAILQ_EMPTY(&in_ifaddrhead)) {
>                 /*
>                  * If the destination address is INADDR_ANY,
>                  * use the primary local address.
>                  * If the supplied address is INADDR_BROADCAST,
>                  * and the primary interface supports broadcast,
>                  * choose the broadcast address for that interface.
>                  */
> #define satosin(sa)     ((struct sockaddr_in *)(sa))
> #define sintosa(sin)    ((struct sockaddr *)(sin))
> #define ifatoia(ifa)    ((struct in_ifaddr *)(ifa))
>                 if (sin->sin_addr.s_addr == INADDR_ANY)
>                     sin->sin_addr = IA_SIN(TAILQ_FIRST(&in_ifaddrhead))->sin_addr;
>                 else if (sin->sin_addr.s_addr == (u_long)INADDR_BROADCAST &&
>                   (TAILQ_FIRST(&in_ifaddrhead)->ia_ifp->if_flags & IFF_BROADCAST))
>                     sin->sin_addr = satosin(&TAILQ_FIRST(&in_ifaddrhead)->ia_broadaddr)->sin_addr;
> Unfortunately, if this is the place the address is being changed, i
> don't see an obvious way around this.

I've been doing some experiments on a FreeBSD 6.1 system, and
it won't allow applications to send a broadcast
either.  In fact, it _requires_ you to specify the interface's
broadcast address as a destination before in order to broadcast
a packet.  FreeBSD 6.1 won't "convert" into the
interface broadcast address the way that eCos does.

Still, the Linux implementation seems to be a lot more useful.
You can specify either or the interface's
broadcast address as the destination, and the packet is
broadcast to that destination address.

I found complaints dating back many years regarding FreeBSD's
lack of ability to send broadcast UDP packets to  It seems you have to use the raw socket
interface to do that.

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