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Re: eCos on STR9 ?

Hello Folks, 

On Tuesday 12 August 2008 13:34:55 Christian Jaeger wrote:
> My interest is in running an OS on STR9 (STR9xFA, STR911/STR912). There
> is no mention of these chips whatsoever in the CVS sources, and the only
> information regarding running eCos on the STR9 has been the following
> posts by a few people interested in this, but it seems there has still
> nothing come out of this.
As I see after some serching of eCos mailing list I'm next one who is looking 
for any port eCos on this platform and would like to contribute community 
thus at start I have dummy question :
What is a status of this port? 

I apologize for asking questions of such sort but I like to known whether I 
start from zero or maybe someting is done according to common part of each  
BSP i.e.
1. HAL layer with configuration interrupt controller, memory controller, AHB 
bridge and so on -  
2. Serial driver
3. Ethernet driver
4. SPI driver

What's wrong with ST processors that they aren't so widely supported compering 
to Atmel product? Situation in other "small" OS like FreeRTOS is only a bit 
MiÅego dnia / Best regards

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