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Re: How to send UDP broadcast to

On 2009-06-16, Gary Thomas <> wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2009-06-16, Jay Foster <> wrote:
>>> You can try the following patch that someone added to my local source.  It
>>> adds a CDL option (CYGOPT_NET_INET_FORCE_DIRECTED_BROADCAST) to modify this
>>> behavior (the default being the same behavior you have now).  Sorry it isn't
>>> in "patch" format, but it is straight forward.  What is not shown here is
>>> configuring this option to '0' in your applications .ecm or template file.
>> Thanks.  I'll have to check to see if the need for the feature
>> is significant enough to justify forking the network stack
>> (something I'm pretty ruluctant to do).
> If this works and is useful to you, we can just check it in.
> After all, it's controlled by CDL, so the default behaviour
> will remain the same.

Cool. I'll check to see if it's something we still need to do.

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