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Re: Does /devs/eth/arm/at91 work for SAM9 parts?

On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 04:40:24PM +0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
> There appears to be plenty of support for Atmel's SAM7
> (ARM7TDMI) series of parts, and I'm trying to find out how much
> work it would be to support a SAM9 part (ARM926EJ-S).  The SAM9
> parts supposedly have the "same programming model and
> peripheral set" or somesuch marketing-speak, so it presumably
> should be easy to get a a SAM7 driver working for a SAM9 part.
> For example, does anybody know if the /devs/eth/arm/at91 will
> work for a SAM9 part?

A short while back there was talk about rearranging the arm hal, to
separate the arm7 stuff from the arm9. arm9 is an add on to arm7, so
an arm9 target should be able to include both... However the talk
petered out...

Also, look back in the archive. Somebody did work on this. They had a
rather invasive patch to make the driver work on one of the AT91SAM9
devices. But the marketing speak hides many untruths. The ethernet
device worked mostly O.K, but the DMA was bust on the chipset he was
using. Bad things happened when it DMAed from off chip RAM. The
internal SRAM worked fine. So he had patches to memcpy the buffer from
external RAM to internal SRAM then hand it over to the DMA. It was all
rather ugly, and i don't remember a cleaned up patch ever being


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