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Re: Does /devs/eth/arm/at91 work for SAM9 parts?

On 2009-06-27, Andrew Lunn <> wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 04:40:24PM +0000, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> There appears to be plenty of support for Atmel's SAM7
>> (ARM7TDMI) series of parts, and I'm trying to find out how much
>> work it would be to support a SAM9 part (ARM926EJ-S).  The SAM9
>> parts supposedly have the "same programming model and
>> peripheral set" or somesuch marketing-speak, so it presumably
>> should be easy to get a a SAM7 driver working for a SAM9 part.
>> For example, does anybody know if the /devs/eth/arm/at91 will
>> work for a SAM9 part?
> A short while back there was talk about rearranging the arm
> hal, to separate the arm7 stuff from the arm9. arm9 is an add
> on to arm7, so an arm9 target should be able to include
> both... However the talk petered out...

I vaguely remember that thread, but I didn't pay very close
attention to it at the time.  We're probably starting a new
ARM9 project and will have to maintain existing ARM7 projects
for some time. So, I thought I'd fire up "search" and
review that thread.  Alas, search on is broken (has
been for a couple days now).  I don't suppose anybody remembers
how long ago that was discussed?

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