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Re: Absolute vs. relative tick count.

"Rene Nielsen" <> writes:

> I'd really like to have two counters in the Cyg_RealTimeClock (or one of
> its parent classes): One that can be changed with a call to
> clock_settime()/Cyg_Clock::real_time_clock->set_value() and one that
> counts the number of ticks since boot and can't be changed. There should
> also be two sets of functions for obtaining these values depending on
> whether they're going to be used in e.g. gettimeofday() or for
> timers/alarms.
> Any suggestions/ideas would be very helpful.

Here's what I did:

  * Added Cyg_WallClock::get_hw_usecs to the emulated wallclock driver:
    returns the number of µs elapsed since initialisation.

  * Added Cyg_WallClock::adjtime to the wallclock base driver: takes a
    positive/negative offset [µs] as argument and updates an internally
    kept variable "adj_delta".

  * Added Cyg_WallClock::get_current_time_us to the wallclock base
    driver: returns the number of µs elapsed since 1970-01-01T00:00,
    offset by "adj_delta" and implemented in terms of

  * Changed gettimeofday to use Cyg_WallClock::get_current_time_us.

  * In the (S)NTP client use gettimeofday to calculate the time
    difference and, if needed, adjust the clock with
    Cyg_WallClock::adjtime (I use my own SNTP implementation though).

I hope that helps, and if the maintainers are interested I could maybe
clean this up a bit and submit a patch.

Daniel Néri <>
Sigicom AB, Stockholm, Sweden

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