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Re: Help with ecosconfig tool

On 09/01/11 16:43, Elad Yosef wrote:
I'm trying to automate eCos build as part of the whole application build.
I want the build tree output to generate xxx_build and xxx_install
folders (like the configtool does)
And I want it to be in PATH_4

What have you tried so far, and what is going wrong? ecosconfig has a descriptive --help message which should get you going. About the only thing it doesn't tell you is that you have to run ecosconfig from the directory where you want the root of the build tree to be. For example:

wry@c:/tmp/foo_build$ ecosconfig --config=/tmp/foo.ecc --prefix=/tmp/foo_install --srcdir=/home/wry/Downloads/ecos/ecos-3.0/packages new stm3210e

wry@c:/tmp/foo_build$ ecosconfig --config=/tmp/foo.ecc --prefix=/tmp/foo_install --srcdir=/home/wry/Downloads/ecos/ecos-3.0/packages tree

wry@cognac:/tmp/foo_build$ ls ../foo.ecc

wry@c:/tmp/foo_build$ ls ../foo_install/
include  lib

wry@c:/tmp/foo_build$ ls
devs  error  hal  infra  io  isoinfra  kernel  language  makefile  services


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