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using GDB without ROM Monitor


We want to use the GDB Stub together with our application, we do not want to use the GDB/Redboot ROM Monitor
and we want to debug only one thread. While we debugging this thread, the others threads should not suspended or stopped.
The debugging should be done by GDB and Eclipse.
We do not exactly know if this is posible with ecos with the GDB.

We are still using ecos 2.0 release. We using the STR912 microcontroller. We have porting the ecos to this Controller by ourselves.

We have now include the GDB Stub support into the target. There was no error durring compilation.
After flashing the binary the target printed out some chars on the serial debug port.
Then we start to connect to the target with GDB. First it seems that it works, but we get SIGTRAP error, after that
the Programm counter goes to 0 and after that nothing works any more.

How anyone help use with our Problem.

Best regards
Christian Kraus

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