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Re: ecos bring up on s5pc100(cortex-a8)

Hi Michael,

>> The Freescale i.MX51 implementation (which is a Cortex-A8 CPU) is based on eCos
>> ARM/ARM9 HAL's. I would suggest starting there instead of creating a new HAL.
> That really doesn't make much since to me. ARM9s use the ARMv4T and
> ARMv5T(E) instruction sets. Those are both Thumb only and obviously
> lack improvements and extensions from the ARMv7(T) instruction set. I
> suppose if you only want stripped down and Thumb only code, then that
> would work. However, if you intend on actually using anything from
> ARMv7 or some of the other features of a Cortex-A8 (multi-core
> perhaps) that you would need to at least turn on the necessary
> compiler flags.
> The cortexm hal seems like a closer match to me. Although, after
> looking at the code, it appears to be very minimal at the moment.
eCos runs anything without thumb code and it runs fine here. But if you like to
do a cortex-a HAL, I would love to support you. Especially for cortex-a9
multicores it will be important.

Feel free to contact me directly to work on some details.


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