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Re: Re: ecos bring up on s5pc100(cortex-a8)

"" <> writes:

> Hi, Everybody.
> Thank you very much for all of you.
> Now, I am trying to create a new HAL with reference to cortex-m and
> arm9 series. And because of time zones, my reply may late.

What do you mean by a new HAL? As I said, Cortex-M is irrelevant to
the A8 and will provide no useful information. The A8 implements
essentially the same architecture as existing ARMs and a new
architecture HAL is not needed. I hope you mean that you are
implementing a new variant HAL, still using the existing ARM
architecture HAL. Certainly any other approach would not be accepted
for contribution to the eCos source base (you are of course free to do
whatever you want for your own use).

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eCosCentric Limited      The eCos experts
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