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Redboot fis load

I want to save a stripped ELF file as fis file and later on load and execute it with "fis load" and "go" commands. I can load an ELF file raw into ram with "load -r -m xmodem -b 0x80000000" and flash it with "fis create -b 0x80000000 -l 0x1234 -f 0x60000000 -e 0x80000000 xy.elf" or so. But when I try to "fis load xy.elf", the loader only copies the ELF file 1:1 into the ram instead of relocating the different sections into internal and external ram as defined in the ELF file.
As we have three sections for internal and two external rams, I won't use "load -m xmodem" and then flash three binary files by specifying source address, length etc. for each of them and later on do 3 fis load commands followed by a go.
The "load" command is ELF aware, but how can I make the "fis load" command ELF aware? We do not have a file system other than the simple FIS on our embedded system.
Thanks for any hint

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