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AW: Re: eCos License questions


> I would add that contributing your code to the eCos project repository is
the best/easiest way to ensure that it remains compatible with other eCos
developments in the long term.

In principle I agree. For me the most easiest way would be to contribute all
stuff to the repository, I ever programmed for eCos. So I would not have any
effort to keep or to publish source codes.
But I believe, that this is only desired, when the code would enhance the
eCos and would not cause additional work.


I have a small project to make a driver for a customer specific protocol
based on a fiber optic wire and a FPGA, which is making the bit codings.
I think, beside this customer nobody in the world is interested in this
driver, so this code would be rubbish for the community.

Or maybe for hardware adaptions some changes of existing drivers are
necessary. In order to save time and money, this adaptions are made in a
dirty way, which would not fullfilling the requirements of the eCos
It would not be able to contribute this changes to the community, but as I
understand now, I have to publish the source code in another way.

An additional question:
Assumed that a source code must be published... Is it enough to make the
source code available to the customers, who have bought the product which
contains the source code or is it necessary to make the source code
available to everyone, who is interested in (but is no customer)?



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Gesendet: Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011 09:41
An: Richard Rauch
Cc: Ross Younger;
Betreff: [ECOS] Re: eCos License questions

Hi Richard

Ross Younger wrote:

> On 17/01/11 20:45, Richard Rauch wrote:
>> 2. How to distribute source code?
>> If some sourcecode must be made available, how we have to do this? 
>> Should the code always be contributed to the eCos Community (eCos 
>> Maintainers) or is it sufficient to keep the source code and deliver 
>> it to a interested client on demand?
> I can't speak for the maintainers, but as a member of the community I 
> would always prefer to see contributions and patches which enhance 
> eCos to be posted - however, strictly speaking, there is no obligation to
do so.
> The requirement from the GPL is to either deliver the relevant source 
> code along with the object code, to allow it to be downloaded at the 
> same time, or to make a written offer to provide a physical copy on 
> request. See GPL v2 clause 3, or GPL v3 clause 6, for details.

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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Before posting, please read the FAQ:
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