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Re: FriendlyArm Mini2440, NAND support?

* Stanislav Meduna <> wrote:
> If not, how usable/experimental is the
> - is it something
> meant to be included into the mainline eCos when ready, or is it
> an experimental work that may end completely rewritten some time?

It was targetted at mainline from the beginning and has been used,
along with the YAFFS port alongside, for several commercial projects. As
far as I'm aware there are no plans to rewrite it. However I don't know
of the status of deciding which NAND subsystem makes it into mainline;
that's for the maintainers to comment.

The Samsung K9 support in that tree already has well-tested support for
the K9F1208, K9F1G08 and K9F2G08 parts I see listed on the Mini2440
schematic, so you should be able to get those going with very little
work. I haven't looked at the big K9K8G08 in any detail, it's a slightly
different family (SLC die stack as opposed to SLC normal) but it smells
like a relatively straightforward extension.

NB that that repository hasn't had trunk hg pulled into it for a few
months; if you want to use it, I'd suggest you start with a clone of
mainline, then pull and merge from the nand-ecoscentric repo.


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