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Re: Kinetis TWR-K60N512-KIT questions

On 27.01.2011 10:09, jjp jjp wrote:
> Hi,
> I follow very closely the port of Ilija Kocho on Kinetis TWR-K60N512-KIT and
> I have some questions about your development methods :
Hello, and thanks for your interest.
> What cross compiler tools are you using (arm-eabi-gcc v-4.3 with patchs for cortex-m4)?
> What kind of debugging tools are you using?
Cortex-M4 is binary and backward compatible with M3 so, for the time
being you can use current compiler, of course you can't use Cortex-M4
specific features. Or you can try forthcoming 4.6.

> I don't see debug tools (except libSWD with OpenOCD) in Free and Open Source Software community trying
> to get debug by Serial Wire Debug.

Kinetis is very new, not yet in regular production so many tools are not
yet prepared. I don't know if OpenOCD supports Kinetis. In our lab we
have Ronetix PEEDI that is just getting Kinetis support. In meantime we
are working "dry" :(


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