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Re: Change exceptions and interrupts Base for MIPS32

Elad Yosef <> writes:

> Hi,
> My target is MIPS32 4KEc (not the 4Kc)
> In this CPU, I can configure the base address for exceptions/interrupts.
> The fetch/reset address is always 0xBFC0:0000 and resides inside a ROM
> The ROM is very small. The ROM code only enables the flash device and
> jumps to the RedBoot code in the flash (reset_vector code)
> The Flash device is not mapped to  0xBFC0:0000, according to my platform.
> My issue here is:
> Where is the best location to update the base address?
> variant_init? platfrom_init ? or even in earlier stage inside _start ?

The location of the vectors is controlled by the BEV bit in the status
register. If you take a look at the header you will see that
the initial value of this register is defined by INITIAL_SR. If your
platform HAL defines this in its then it will override
the default and allow you to clear the BEV bit. There is no need for
extra code.

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