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Re: Change exceptions and interrupts Base for MIPS32

Elad Yosef <> writes:

> Hi,
> In the MIPS32 4KEc there is another register in the Co-Processor
> EBase register - CP0 register #15 select 1
> The BEV bit defines whether the vectors are in RAM or bootstrap only.
> The RAM Base is always 0x8000:0000
> the Bootstrap Base is always 0xBFC0:0000
> The offsets (utlb, reset, other, int) for each location are constant.
> My flash is in other address range.
> The offsets are the like in RAM, but the base address is not RAM
> For example:
> Base - 0xB200:0000 == My rom_vectors location in flash
> other_vector offset == 0x180 (see MIPS 4KEc user manual)
> other_vector should be in 0xB200:0180

OK, I thought you simply wanted to switch to RAM vectors. Things like
this are usually done in a platform-specific hal_mon_init macro. If
you don't already have one then copy the hal_mon_init from
and add something like:

       la       a0,reset_vector
       mtc0     a0,ebase

Where ebase is defined as:

#define ebase           $15,1   // Exception base register

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