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S3C2440 cache problem [Was: Corrupted alarm list]

On 03.02.2011 09:50, Stanislav Meduna wrote:

> I have a strange situation in the eCos alarm list.
> The Cyg_Counter::tick is looping endlessly, because
> they are two active alarms in the (single, non-sorted)
> list pointing to each other, but neither one is
> pointed to by alarm_list_ptr.

Well .. this and many other corruptions were apparently
calls in the flash memory subsystem - I was able to
reproduce it without accessing the flash region at all.

I am not (yet ;)) an expert for ARM920T cache handling
(I'll try to study the documents later - I actually do
not need this as the region is set to uncached/unbuffered
at the MMU level so I can just #ifdef it out), but something
is clearly wrong here.

Anyone has experience with an ARM920T with MMU enabled
and cache sync/clean and can review the code in
hal_cache.h macros for CYGPKG_HAL_ARM_ARM9_ARM920T?


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