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Re: NAND Device driver with HW ECC

On 09/02/11 17:58, harish kasiviswanathan wrote:
I would like to know if someone has a ported the NAND device driver to
MX27 ADS board. MX27 Nand flash controller has HW ECC unit. I would
like to use it. Can someone please let me know the complexity of this

The complexity of a port depends on:
- how similar the NAND flash part is to those for which drivers already exist
- how similar the flash controller and ECC unit are to existing drivers

My concern is the usage of spare area. HW ECC takes a few bytes from
the middle of the spare area. Does YAFFS / NAND device driver require
the whole spare area? How to configure this?

YAFFS only needs 25 bytes of spare per NAND page.

If you're using the eCosCentric NAND library, use of the spare area is configured during the porting process and you get to specify exactly which bytes from the spare area are available to YAFFS or other applications. I believe Rutger Hoffman's NAND library is similar.


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