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eCos host tools - 110209 snapshot builds

The prebuilt eCos host tools provided within the eCos 3.0 release are
becoming increasingly awkward to use on recent Linux distributions due
to their reliance on In particular, Ubuntu Linux 9.10
and later releases do not provide a compatibility package containing In response to this, I have generated new builds of the
tools which use

The new tools are built from current eCos CVS sources and therefore
incorporate some minor fixes to the eCos Configuration Tool which have
been introduced since the eCos 3.0 release. See the ChangeLog for details:

I have also generated new Cygwin builds of the tools so that Cygwin
users can benefit from these fixes.

The new snapshot builds can be downloaded from the eCos ftp site and are
located in the "anoncvs" directory:

  Cygwin-hosted:  anoncvs/ecos-tools-bin-110209.cygwin.tar.bz2
  Linux-hosted:   anoncvs/ecos-tools-bin-110209.i386linux.tar.bz2

Please use a mirror site in your own geographical region to access these
files. Sites which mirror the eCos ftp area are listed at:

The eCos host tools may be extracted into the current working directory
from the downloaded archive files by using one of the following commands
at a bash prompt:

  tar jxvf ecos-tools-bin-110209.cygwin.tar.bz2
  tar jxvf ecos-tools-bin-110209.i386linux.tar.bz2

If you are using an older Linux distribution which does not provide (typically located at /usr/lib/, you
should stick with the eCos host tools provided with eCos 3.0.

Feedback on any remaining compatibility issues is welcome. Please report
any issues at:

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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and search the list archive:

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