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Newbie doubt about CYG... macros

Hi All,

I am new to the eCos. While looking at one of the eCos applications I
am seeing lot of macros which are starts with CYG... I am viewing the
application source in Cygwin Linux environment on Windows XP system.
Here, my doubt is, is CYG represents the Cygwin Linux macros or eCos
OS macros. I mean, are they defined in the Cygwin Linux OS or in eCos
OS packages?

The macros are look like

#define CYG_ELF_MACHINE         EM_386
#if     defined(CYGPKG_HAL_ARM)
#define CYG_ELF_MACHINE         EM_ARM

However, I heard a word like Cygnus' eCos. So, the macros which are
starts with CYG are related to eCos OS but not related to Cygwin
Linux. Am I correct?

Sorry for asking such a simple question. But, I am looking into an
eCos application in Cygwin linux environment. So, I am in a bit
confusion about those macros. If anyone clarifies me, I am very happy.

Thanks in advance.

Madhavi M.

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