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Re: cyg_flash_program_mask

On 02/15/2011 11:45 AM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
If I understand correctly, the cyg_flash_program() operation erases
before program such that the resulting bit pattern in the Flash always
represents the input bit pattern exactly, instead of being the result
of an "and-mask" operation.
I think you are wrong. Take a look at the code. cyg_flash_program()
does not call any erase functions.

I've done exactly what you want to do in the past. I implemented an
log of panic messages which just appended to the end of the current
log. No API change was needed.

I found the other behaviour in the atmel dataflash implementation
(current CVS tree).

In packages/devs/flash/atmel/dataflash/current/src/devs_flash_atmel_dataflash_flash_dev_funs.c:
In function df_flash_program()
cyg_dataflash_program_buf(&priv->dev, 1, page, true)

In packages/devs/flash/atmel/dataflash/current/src/devs_flash_atmel_dataflash.c:

cyg_dataflash_program_buf(cyg_dataflash_device_t *dev,
                          cyg_uint8               buf_num,
                          cyg_uint32              page_num,
                          cyg_bool                erase)

Hence for atmel dataflash the "erase" is always true.

So which one should it be?
From the eCos documentation it isn't really clear what the correct behaviour should be.
To erase or not to erase?



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