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Re: How to incorporate a file system image when building eCos app

Hi Michael,

Michael Bergandi writes:
> Sergei Garikov wrote:
> I noticed here that you used the long version of the options and it
> worked for you. My command line is essentially the same above, but I
> used the short options. One would think that,
> $ mkfs.jffs2 --pad=0x100000 --eraseblock=0x10000 --root foo --output image.jffs2
> and
> $ mkfs.jffs2 -p 0x100000 -e 0x10000 -r foo -o image.jffs2
> would produce the same result. Unfortunatley, NOT. Feel free to confirm.

Confirm. But, this one (if you like unix way)

% mkfs.jffs2 -lfq -p0x100000 -e0x10000 -mnone -rfoo -oimage.jffs2
                   ^^         ^^
                   no ws      no ws

will create the same 1M image.  No spaces there is not big surprise
for me.

> > Hm, in a fact default test values should be placed in a component
> > placed under CYGPKG_IO_FLASH_TESTS component), but,
> > CYGPKG_FS_JFFS2_TESTS is just an option. It seems to me this should
> > be fixed. ÂFortunately, it is not issue for the tests on the eCos
> > synthetic target.
> Yeah, I see what you mean. Are you interested in a patch?

If you can, please, submit it to eCos Bugzilla.


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