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eCos arm-eabi GNU tools - test release 4.6.3-20120315

I have generated a new test release of the GNU tools for ARM targets
based on GCC 4.6.3. The new test release avoids issues with GCC 4.6.2. Ref:

These tools are intended for testing within the eCos community. The test
builds can be downloaded from the eCos ftp site and are located under
the "gnutools" directory:



Please use a mirror site in your own geographical region to access these
files. Sites which mirror the eCos ftp area are listed at:

The tools may be extracted into the current working directory from the
downloaded archive files by using one of the following commands at a
bash prompt:

  tar jxvf ecos-gnutools-arm-eabi-20120315.cygwin.tar.bz2
  tar jxvf ecos-gnutools-arm-eabi-20120315.i386linux.tar.bz2

The Linux-hosted tools should work on most Linux distributions. The
Cygwin-hosted tools require a recent Cygwin installation including the
"libexpat1" and "libmpc1" packages.

The patches used in generating the 4.6.3-20120315 test toolchain are
identical to those applied for the previous test release (4.6.2-20120125).

When connecting to Cortex-M targets using the build of arm-eabi-gdb
within this toolchain, you may observe an error message:

  Remote 'g' packet reply is too long

In such cases, it will be necessary to use a GDB target description file
as a workaround. A suitable target description file is available at:

Jifl has developed a patch for this issue and we will be patching GDB in
a subsequent build of the toolchain.

Thank you for your feedback on the previous test release tooclhain. Your
feedback on this new test release is also welcome. Please report any
issues at:

John Dallaway
eCos maintainer

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