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eCos Assignments

Please note that the following eCos Assignments have been received by Red Hat, Inc.-

1- From:
Jacek Trzcinski
Unizeto Company Limited
70-486 Szczecin, Ul.
Krolowej Korony Polskeij 21

Description: Created patch for serial device.

Files Changed:


2- From:
Lars Lindqvist

Description: Device driver software for the serial port on the ARM Evaluator 7T board.

Tim Drury
3990 Mapleton Downs
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Description: Ported eCos to the Atmel AT91 EB40A evaluation board. Provided bug fixes to the Atmel AT49xxxx flash service driver.

Files changed:package/hal/arm/at91/eb40/*; package/hal/arm/at91/var/*; package/devs/flash/atmel/at49xxxx/*
File written: package/hal/arm/at91/eb40a

Rich LeGrand
Charmed Labs
128 Salice Way
Campbell, CA 95008

Description: ported eCos and Redboot to the Game Boy Advance using eCos 2.0 as the basis. It is called "GBAX" (Game Boy Advance with Xport).

Files changed:
/packages/ecos.db(add gbax template)
/packages/hal/arm/arch/current/src/arm_stub.c (fix THUMB compiler error)
/packages/hal/arm/arch/arm.ld (minimal changes)
/packages/hal/arm/arch/vectors.S (minimal)
/packages/devs/flash/current/src/flash.c (fix THUMB compatability issues)

Files Written:
/packages/hal/arm/gbax/current/src/ (various files added)
/packages/hal/arm/gbax/current/include (various files added)

5- From:
Thomas Koeller
Basler Vision Technologies
An der Strusbek 60-62
22926 Ahrensburg

1-A modular HAL for Atmel AT91 based systems
2-A driver for Atmel AT49xxxx.epk
3-A patch to extend the existing flash driver interface, allowing use of flash chips with non-uniform sector layout.
4-A patch to RedBoot to enable it to use the modified interface described under 3.

Files changed or written:
1-hal_at91.epk and hal_eb40.epk

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