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Re: OMAP RedBoot port

Patrick Doyle wrote:
I will be releasing Delphi's port of RedBoot for the OMAP shortly
(hopefully, by the end of the week).  Full eCos support will follow someday.
There are four possible means by which I can do so, listed in order of
increasing preference:

1) Dump the tarball on the patches list (or, or more accurately, a link to
our FTP site containing the tarball) and request that one of the maintainers
add it to the CVS repository.

2) Place a tarball of the new files along with instructions on what to
modify in ecos.db on Delphi's ftp server.
Don't know the difference between these two, but we should get it into CVS I'm sure. And all patches that go into CVS should be posted for discussion and archival on ecos-patches, although for something that big an FTP link may suffice.

3) Create an official "package" of the new files and place that on Delphi's
ftp server.  I have a document somewhere around here that describes how to
do that.  (Did that idea ever catch on -- do people distribute independent
They do _if_ it's not going in the master repo. Although out of interest in eCos 2.1 eventually, eCos is likely only to be distributed as EPK packages!

4) Request write access to the CVS repository so that I may commit the
changes myself.

Obviously, I am exploring option #4 right now, but I would welcome
questions, comments, and/or snide remarks on the other three options.
This is an interesting point. So far we've restricted write access to (full) maintainers only. I would be interested in other maintainer's views on whether we should open this up more freely now, in the same way as GCC, GDB etc. where package maintainers are allowed to check stuff in for their own packages. This wouldn't be the same as a full maintainer - it's purely an efficiency improvement.

We would also, like GCC/GDB, have a top level MAINTAINERS file listing the responsibilities. Package maintainers would be able to commit directly to their "own" packages without waiting for approval. They can check in patches for other packages too if they like, but only with approval. *All* patches must go to ecos-patches in any case.


> As
per your suggestion, Jonathan, I have sent an email to msalter (I think I
Cc'd you on that), so I could fold RedHat's port into mine (or vice versa)
if that works out.  I would be glad to take up the responsibility of the
official eCos OMAP maintainer.
Since no-one else here has a board, it seems reasonable :-).

What do you think?  Are you two the right people to whom this question
should be directed?
I think the maintainers list is the best place to discuss this, so I've CC'd that (which Gary is on).

eCosCentric <>
--[ "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you ]--
--[ can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln ]-- Opinions==mine

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