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RE: OMAP RedBoot port

> That's a good point. The number of people with write access could
> proliferate out of control. I think it's probably only necessary when we
> can foresee a large amount of CVS access being required.
> So unless anyone else has a view, then Patrick, please go with
> posting the
> patch for approval as before.

Look for it real soon now...(hopefully this week, probably next week, at the
rate things are going here).

My one concern with this approach is that, for a little while, I expect the
OMAP port to be under fairly active development.  I am currently planning on
releasing what I have so far (which is basically enough to get RedBoot
working) ASAP, and then continue on the rest of the basic eCos port
(interrupts, etc...) as time permits, and then continue with device drivers
for the plethora of devices on the chip.  I am doing so under the "release
early, release often" approach to software development.  (Also, I am
sneakily hoping someone else who worked on eCos for the OMAP might
contribute to the parts I left out).

Would temporary or trial write access to the CVS repository be possible?  Do
you mind applying patches on a sporatic basis as I post them to

OTOH, my immediate end goal is to run Linux on the OMAP.  So it is likely
that I will be focusing much more on the Linux side of things than on the
eCos side of things in the very near future.  (Having said that, I'll
probably get a customer tommorow who wants eCos first, then Linux... I
should be so lucky! :-)

So, before your very eyes, I think I am talking myself out of the need for
immediate write access to the repository.  If I start posting so many
patches to the list that it becomes burdensome, to me and/or to you, then we
should talk some more about this.


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