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[ Sigh - sent this yesterday but it got bounced as spam, and it turns out
my address was broken yesterday so I didn't see the bounce! ]

For those who don't know (i.e. only possibly Mark :-)) most of the
maintainers are going to FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium:
<>. It's on Feb 8th-9th.

The people going from eCosCentric are myself, Nick Garnett, Bart Veer and
Alex Schuilenberg[1], although John D is unable to attend. Andrew Lunn is
also coming. Gary Thomas was also going to be there, and even give a
speech on eCos, but has unfortunately had to withdraw.

Instead, Nick has stepped up to give a presentation on eCos at the
Embedded and Operating Systems track of FOSDEM. I understand this will be
an "eCos for the uninitiated" presentation.

Since so many of the maintainers are (or were!) going, Andrew wisely
suggested a get-together... we could possibly have two meetings: one
closed for maintainers only and one open to all. I believe Nick's
presentation will be Sunday afternoon? and if so unfortunately the
meetings will have to before that as we leave in the evening.

The closed meeting would be informal, with lashings and lashings of
Belgian beer. Topics can be whatever we want, but one definite specific
one to discuss here is to hopefully see if there's some consensus on the
future copyright assignment issue since Red Hat's deadline for a response
will be up by then (although that's not the be-all and end-all since not
every maintainer will be present).

Another topic is to finalize whether/how we open up write access since
we're not completely in agreement yet.

For various reasons, testing may be something to discuss in closed session.

I can't think of anything else that should be discussed among just the
maintainers rather than with others.

The public session will be more formal (in as much as we're likely to be
formal). Given the likely subject matter it's likely only to really be for
existing eCos users, not people trying to find out about eCos. A simple
outline agenda would be:

- Welcome

- Public Discussion on licensing and copyright assignments

- Technical pitches from companies (eCosCentric and Mind, at least)
     Note: 5 minute limit, and should be *technical* not sales. One brief
     slide covering sales stuff will do. Andrew suggested a slide saying
     "We exist. We can do everything for you. Here is our URL, talk to me
     afterwards." :-)
     This would cover what they would like to see for the future of eCos,
     but on one condition: they also outline how they intend to help achieve
     it :-). This is to eliminate pie in the sky "we want this and that and
     the other and someone else to do it" type things :-).

- eCos 2.0:
       * Goals and remit
       * Current status
       * Plan for completion

- Public discussion on future technical directions of eCos (i.e. *after* 2.0)

- General Q&A

We may want to have another maintainers-only session to discuss anything
that came up there (particularly the public licensing/copyright
discussion). Andrew suggests doing this over drinks at the bar, and I
wouldn't possibly consider arguing :-).

As nominal chief maintainer, I'm dumb enough to volunteer to chair it all
and write the minutes.

I intend to ask on ecos-discuss (and probably ecos-announce) tomorrow
(Wednesday) as long as no-one objects to this outline agenda. We will
likely need to organise a meeting room depending on the exact number of
interested respondents so we need to gauge interest. We'll investigate
this more when we know the numbers.

Mark, if you are interested in attending (and obviously we would like it
if you could), then you can mail me about travel stuff and the like. This
is the hotel we're at:
<>. Obviously I
understand you may well have prior work/time commitments.

--[ "You can complain because roses have thorns, or you ]--
--[  can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln   ]-- Opinions==mine

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