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New ecos mailing list please?


I know these are busy times, so this can wait. But when someone gets a chance, could you create a new mailing list for ecos please: ecos-bugs. This will be for distributing bug reports and replies to the masses from bugzilla. Unlike other bug lists on s.r.c, this can have the usual spam filtering applied.

I don't know if it's possible ( is offline), but since everything in bugzilla is done via the web, it would be ideal if the only allowed poster to the list could be, although obviously anyone can be on the list so saying "list members only" isn't quite the same... in fact won't even be a list member :-). I know how mailman can do this, but not ezmlm.

If this isn't possible with ezmlm, don't create the list yet and I'll investigate some other options.

If anyone thinks this should be done a different way, please feel free to say!

eCosCentric <>
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