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Re: Regarding applications and development tools


nash dion wrote:

We are in the process of analysis of different embedded operating systems for mobile devices like smartphones. We need valuable information regarding the different development tools

eCos uses the GNU tools. That means you develop with the editor of your choice and the tools are all command line, although you can use insight if you wish which is a graphical frontend to the GDB debugger. Some people have reported instability with it so it is disabled by default with the tools available with the default installation of eCos. Add "-w" to GDB's arguments to see it.

If you want something more like a full integrated development environment (IDE) then that's not something shipped with the default eCos. Instead you need to contact companies that do commercial eCos support (see URL in my sig for example, although there may be others who also do IDE support).

> and end user
applications available with eCos Operating system.

I'm not quite sure what you mean here - it's up to you to write the applications you want :-). Unless you mean things like web servers, SNMP daemons etc. which eCos does have?

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