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Re: Assignment

> We have reached the stage that you need to get an assignment statement
> signed. Please could you goto 

Hi eCos maintainers;

I'm reading 'eCos Copyright Assignment Form' carefully now.
I would like to ask some questions.

1) Can I or our company renounce this agreement in the future?
   Assume the case where our company will make the intellectual 
   policy more tight or the case where my successor doesn't accept 
   this agreement. You may simply say "Don't send patches any more".
   But you see legal department people often require more minuteness.
2) There is the clause titled "Which files have you changed so far,..."
   Does it mean that the effective range of this agreement is limited
   to the files which I would list there. Or does this agreement cover
   all files under the ecos tree. In other words and strictly speaking, 
   do I need to update this agreement everytime I want to change another 
3) In recent source files, not RedHat but personal name is listed as
   a copyright holder. Why? Redhat still holds copyright? Otherwise
   the effectiveness of this agreement is in question, isn't it?
   Or is there any legal agreement between the listed persons and RedHat?

I don't intend to be a nag but legal issues make me and our management 
more conservative.

Motoya Kurotsu
Allied Telesis K.K.

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