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Bug submission and comments via emal

eCos Maintainers,

I have fixed the bugzilla email interface (broken my the bugzilla maintainers in the move from 2.16 to 2.17). You can now submit bug reports and comments to bugs via email to bugzilla. This includes attachments which are stored as attachments.

There is one big caveat: you must submit the bug or comment from the same email account that you hold for bugzilla.

The email account to submit bugs/comments via email is <>.

Instructions for creating bugs are at:

If you wish to comment on a bug, send email to the same email address with the subject line containing "[Bug 1000044]" (obviously replace 1000044 with the actual bug ID. Anything else on the subject line is added to the comment with "Subject: xxx".

Attachments (including multiple attachments) are store automagically with new and comment emails.

Upon a new bug submission, you will get email confirming the bug id as well the standard bugzilla email. Consistency checking is performed so if you select a product, os, component etc that does not exist, you will be alerted via email as to the valid values. A "@groupset = eCos" will make the bug visible to maintainers only.

For bug comments, you will only get regular bugzilla email.

Have fun
-- Alex

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