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Re: Updated VNC server

Gary Thomas wrote:
re: VNC server from Chris Garry.

I am going to see about applying this to the repository.  AFAICT,
he has a copyright assignment which covers all works, so there
should be no problem - right?

We can now use: <>

I'm still awaiting a response from the FSF before we can officially switch assignments to them (the declaration of how they'll not try and change the spirit of the eCos licence down the road, along with the canonical assignment forms).

Also, what, if any, progress has been made on keeping track of
such patches, who's handling them, etc?  We discussed earlier
having some sort of document/form/??? that we could use, so that
we'd know (as well as the punters).

We all seemed happy with the idea of using bugzilla, and it's now up to me to just integrate the comments to the pages Nick put together and make it available. I'll do it today.

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