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re: Updated VNC server

Garry Thomas wrote:
> Also, what, if any, progress has been made on keeping track of
> such patches, who's handling them, etc?  We discussed earlier
> having some sort of document/form/??? that we could use, so that
> we'd know (as well as the punters).

I've been keeping track of things for the last couple of months. We
are in not too bad a state. The smaller patches i've just applied
myself. Some others i've been prodding others to take care of. 

I have some patches from Motoya Kurotsu im waiting for an assignment

Same for a flash fix from Oyvid Harboe. 

I'm also waiting for an assignment from Jeroen Dobbelaere, but the
patch also has some GPL code cut&paste which will need sorting out.

There is an ethernet drive which you seems to be taking care
off Gary.

Savin Zlobec's serial synth driver i've asked Bart if he has time to
review. Savin said he is happy to do an assignment once he has some

For Jay Foster serial patch i don't know the code well enough so i'm
hope Jifl can spend some time on it [Is that OK Jifl?]

The VNC server is Gary's.

In Bugzilla is a patch which changes scheduler locking for a mutex,
but Jifl has rejected it. [Jifl, could you add a note saying why you
don't like it. Maybe the contributer will have a second go].

Oyvind Harboe's patch to jffs2 to remove compression has been rejected
by the upstream maintainer, and Oyvind has not show any signs of
reworking the patch to make it acceptable. The patch to work around an
ARM GCC 3.1 bug was also rejected upstream. 

Grant Edwards package extractor does not fit with the ideas of
ecosadmin.tcl so i think its best to leave it in the mail archive and
hope somebody re-writes it in tcl and makes its part of ecosadmin. Its
a nice idea.


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